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Welcome to the official web site of the North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine (NASPEM). Formed in 1985, NASPEM's membership is comprised of medical doctors, researchers, educators, and students interested in pediatric exercise. Our mission is to promote exercise science, physical activity and fitness in the health and medical care of children and adolescents. The mission is achieved through: (1) our biennial meeting; (2) the publication of the journal, Pediatric Exercise Science; (3) collaborative research initiatives; (4) the opportunity to network with pediatric exercise scientists from around the world; (5) the student research award; and (6) the NASPEM training programs database.

If you are interested in joining NASPEM, you can you use the on-line membership application contained in this web site.  Questions about NASPEM should be directed to the president of NASPEM, Karin Pfeiffer, at

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SAVE THE DATE! Information regarding the 2016 NASPEM Biennial Conference just announced!  Knoxville, TN (August 10-13, 2016) Click here for more details.


QUESTIONS?   For questions about the NASPEM organization, please contact the NASPEM President, Karin Pfeiffer, PhD, at: 

For questions or problems with the NASPEM Website, including online membership or renewals, please contact Michelle at: