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Relationship Between Adolescent and Adult Physical Activity and Fitness
Barnekow-Bergvist, M., G. Hedberg, U. Janiert, and E. Jansson. Prediction of physical fitness and physical activity level in adulthood by physical performance and physical activity in adolescence -- An 18-year follow-up study. Scand. J. Med. Sci. Sports. 8:299-308, 1998.

Sexual Development and Linear Growth in Female Athletes
Geithner, C.A., B. Woynarowska, and R.M. Malina. The adolescent spurt and sexual maturation in girls active and not active in sport. Ann. Hum. Biol. 25:415-423, 1998.

VO2 Kinetics in Boys and Men
Hebestreit, H., S. Kdemier, R.L. Hughson, and O. Bar-Or. Kinetics of oxygen uptake at the onset of exercise in boys and men. J. Appl. Physiol. 85:1833-1841, 1998.

Effects of Maturation and Gender on Running Economy
Armstrong, N., J.R. Welsman, and B.J. Kirby. Submaximal exercise and maturation in 12-year-olds. J. Sports Sciences. 17:107-114, 1999.

Relationship Between Physical Activity and Physical Fitness
Armstrong, N., J. Welsman, and B. Kirby. Physical activity, peak oxygen uptake and performance on the wingate anaerobic test in 12-year-olds. Acta Kines. Univers. Tartu. 3:7-21, 1998.

Cardiac Markers of Myocardial Dysfunction During Exercise
Rowland, T., J. Potts, J. Son-Hing, G. Harbison, and G. Sandor. Cardiovascular responses to exercise in children and adolescents with myocardial dysfunction. Am. Heart J. 137:126-133, 1999.

Predicting VO2 max From Submaximal Testing
McMurray, R.G., W.K. Guion, B.E. Ainsworth, and J.S. Harrell. Predicting aerobic power in children. A comparison of two methods. J. Sports Med. Phys. Fit. 38:227-233, 1998.

Bone Mineral Density in Runners
Moen, S.M., C.F. Sanborn, N.M. Dimarco, B. Gench, S.L. Bonnick, H.A. Keizer, and P.C.C.A. Menheere. Lumbar bone mineral density in adolescent female runners. J. Sports Med. Phys. Fit. 38:234-239, 1998.

Early Physical Education and Adult Physical Activity
Trudeau, F., L. Laurencelle, J. Tremblay, M. Rajic ,and R.J. Shepard. Daily primary school physical education: Effects on physical activity during adult life. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 31:111-117, 1999.

Relationship Between Childhood and Adult Physical Activity
Taylor, W.C., S.N. Blair, S.S. Cummings, C.C. Wun, and R.M. Malina. Childhood and adolescent physical activity patterns and adult physical activity. Med. Sci. Sports. Exerc. 31:117-123, 1999.

Effects of Training on Visceral and Total Body Fat
Owens, S., B. Gutin, J. Allison, S. Riggs, M. Ferguson, M. Litaker, and W. Thompson. Effect of physical training on total and visceral fat in obese children. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 31:143-148, 1999.

Metabolic and Cardiorespiratory Responses to a Simulated Duathlon
Naughton, G.A., J.S. Carlson, S. Iuliano, M. Gibbs, and R.J. Snow. Cardiorespiratory responses and circulating metabolite concentrations in male and female adolescents during a simulated duathlon. Int. J. Sports Med. 19:303-309, 1998.


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Vocal Cord Dysfunction With Exercise
Kayani, S., and D.C. Shannon. Vocal cord dysfunction associated with exercise in adolescent girls. Chest. 113:540-542, 1998.

Value of Near-Infrared Interactance for Estimating Body Fat
Smith, D.B., G.O. Johnson, J.R. Stout, T.J. Housh, D.J. Housh, and T.K. Evetovich. Validity of near-infrared interactance for estimating relative body fat in female high school gymnasts. Int. J. Sports Med. 18:531-537, 1997.

Gender Effects on Accumulated Oxygen Deficit in Trained Adolescents
Naughton, G.A., J.S. Carlson, D.C. Buttifant, S.E. Selig, K. Meldrum, M.J. McKenna, and R.J. Snow. Accumulated oxygen deficit measurements during and after high-intensity exercise in trained male and female adolescents. Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 76:525-531, 1997.

Baseline Lung Function and Exercise-Induced Asthma
Nolan, P. Clinical features predictive of exercise-induced asthma in children. Respirology. 3:201-205, 1996.

Wrist Stress Injury in Nonelite Gymnasts
DiFiori, J.P., J.C. Puffer, B.R. Mandelbaum, and F. Dorey. Distal radial growth plate injury and positive ulnar variance in nonelite gymnasts. Am. J. Sports Med. 25:763-767, 1997.

Influence of Biological Maturation on Strength and Motor Fitness
Katzmarzyk, P.T., R.M. Malina, and G.P. Beunen. The contribution of biological maturatoin to the strength and motor fitness of children. Ann. Hum. Biol. 24:493-505, 1997.

Menstrual Dysfunction and Bone Density in Dancers and Gymnasts
Bass, S., G. Pearce, N. Young, and E. Seeman. Bone mass during growth: The effects of exercise. Acta Univ. Carol. Med. 40:3-6, 1994.

Effects of Strength Training on Bone Mass
Morris, F.L., G.A. Naughton, J.L. Gibbs, J.S. Carlson, and J.D. Wark. Prospective ten-month exercise intervention in premenarcheal girls: Positive effects on bone and lean mass. J. Bone Miner. Res. 12:1453-1462, 1997.

Energy Expenditure in Obese Children
Salbe, A.D., A.M. Fontvieille, I.T. Harper, and E. Ravussin. Low levels of physical activity in 5-year-old children. J. Pediatr. 131:423-429, 1997.

Gender Effects on Walking Economy
Rowland, T., L. Cunningham, L. Martel, P. Vanderburgh, T. Manos, and N. Charkoudian. Gender effects on submaximal energy expenditure in children. Int. J. Sports Med. 18:420-425, 1997.

TriTrac, Heart Rate, and Self-Reports of Activity
Coleman, K.J., B.E. Saelens, M.D. Wiedrich-Smith, J.D. Finn, and L.H. Epstein. Relationships between TriTrac-R3D vectors, heart rate, and self-report in obese children. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 29:1535-1542, 1997.

Ventilatory Responses to Exercise
Armstrong, N., B.J. Kirby, A.M. McManus, and J.R. Welsman. Prepubescents' ventilatory responses to exercise with reference to sex and body size. Chest. 112:1554-1560, 1997.

Endurance Fitness and Coronary Risk Factors
Bergstrom. E., O. Hernell, and L.A. Persson. Endurance running performance in relation to cardiovascular risk indicators in adolescents. Int. J. Sports Med. 18:300-307, 1997.

Aerobic Fitness and Adiposity in Survivors of Malignancy
Warner, J.T., W. Bell, K.H. Webb, and J.W. Gregory. Relationship between cardiopulmonary responce to exercise and adposity in survivors of childhood malignancy. Arch. Dis. Child. 76:298-303, 1997.

Exercise Responces Following Switch Operation for Transposition of the Great Arteries
Massin, M., H. Hovels-Gurich, S. Dabritz, B. Messmer, and G. von Bernuth. Results of the Bruce treadmill test in children after arterial switch operation for simple transposition of the great arteries. Am. J. Cardiol. 81:56-60, 1998.

Validity of Methods to Assess Physical Activity
Eston, R.G., A.V. Rowlands, and D.K. Ingledew. Validity of heart rate, pedometry and accelerometry for predicting the energy cost of children's activities. J. Appl. Physiol. 84:362-371, 1998.

Influence of Obesity on Activity and Fitness in African-American Girls
Ward, D.S., S.G. Trost, G. Felton, R. Saunders, M.A. Parsons, M. Dowda, and R.R. Pate. Physical activity and physical fitness in African-American girls with and without obesity. Obes. Res. 5:572-577, 1997.

Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Physical Activity
Guillaume, M., L. Lapidus, P. Bjorntorp, and A. Lambert. Physical activity, obesity, and cardiovascular risk factors in children. The Belgian Luxembourg Child Study II. Obes. Res. 5:549-556, 1997.

Abnormal Cardiodynamics Following Fontan Procedure
Troutman, W.B., T.J. Barstow, A.J. Galino, and D.M. Cooper. Abnormal dynamic cardiorespiratory responses to exercise in pediatric patients after Fontan procedure. J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 31:668-673, 1998.

Relationship Between Physical Activity and Health-Related Fitness
Katzmarzyk, P.T., R.M. Malina, T.M.K. Song, and C. Bouchard. Physical activity and health-related fitness in youth.: A multivariate analysis. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 30:709-714, 1998.

Back Muscle Size and Trunk Muscle Strength in Athletes
Peltonen, J.E., S. Taimela, M. Erkintalo, J.J. Salminen, A. Oksanen, and U.M. Kujala. Back extensor and psoas muscle cross-sectional area, prior physical training, and trunk muscle strength -- A longitudinal study in adolescent girls. Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 77:66-71, 1998.

Physical Activity in Children With Asthma
Nystad, W. The physical activity level in children with asthma based on survey among 7-16-year-old school children. Scand. J. Med. Sci. Sports. 7:331-335, 1997.

Tilt Table Training for Neurocardiogenic Syncope
Ector, H., T. Reybrouck, H. Heidbuchel, M. Gewillig, F. Van de Werf. Tilt training: A new treatment for recurent neurocardiogenic syncope and severe orthostatic intolerance. PACE. 21:193-196, 1998.

Self-Selected Fluid Intake in Athletes
Iuliano, S., G. Naughton, G. Collier, and J. Carlson. Examination of the self-selected fluid intake practices by junior athletes during a simulated duathlon event. Int. J. Sports Nutr. 8:10-23, 1998.

Consistency of Flavored Carbohydrate-NaCl Drink in Preventing Dehydration
Wilk, B., S. Kriemler, H. Keller, and O. Bar-Or. Consistency in preventing voluntary dehydration in boys who drink a flavored carbohydrate-NaCl beverage during exercise in hte heat. Int. J. Sport Nutr. 8:1-9, 1998.

Fatness, Physical Activity, and Television Watching
Anderson, R.E., C.J. Crespo, S.J. Bartlett, L.J. Cheskin, and M. Pratt. Relationship of physical activity and television watching with body weight and level of fatness among children. JAMA. 279:938-942, 1998.

Effect of Age on Energy Expenditure and Activity
Goran, M.I., B.A. Gower, T.R. Nagy, and R.K. Johnson. Developmental changes in energy expenditure and physical activity in children: Evidence for a decline in physical activity in girls before puberty. Pediatrics. 101:887-891, 1998.

Control of Ventilation During Exercise
Nagano, Y., R. Baba, K. Kuraishi, T. Yasuda, M. Ikoma, K. Nishibata, M. Yokota, and M. Nagashima. Ventilatory control during exercise in normal children. Pediatr. Res. 43:704-707, 1998.

Energy Expenditure and Fitness in Obese Girls
Treuth, M.S., R. Figueroa-Colon, G.R. Hunter, R.L. Weinsier, N.F. Butte, and M.I. Goran. Energy expenditure and physical fitness in overweight vs. non-overweigh prepubertal girls. Int. J. Obes. 22:440-447, 1998.

Hormonal Responses to Exercise in Girls
Laaneots, L., K. Karelson, T. Smirnova, and A. Viru. Hormonal responses to exercise in girls during sexual maturation. J. Physiol. Pharm. 49:121-133, 1998.

Bone Density in Prepubertal Athletes
Courteix, D., E. Lespessailles, S.L Peres, P. Obert, P. Germain, and C.L. Benhamou. Effect of physical training on bone mineral density in prepubertal girls: A comparitive study between impact-loading and non-impact loading sports. Osteoperos. Int. 8:152-158, 1998.

Health Risk Behaviors in Young Athletes
Baumert, P.W., J.M. Henderson, and N.J. Thompson. Health risk behaviors in adolescent participants in organized sports. J. Adol. Health Care. 22:460-465, 1998.

Effects of Aerobic Training on CAD Risk Factors
Stergioulas, A., A. Tripolitsioti, D. Messinis, A. Bouloukos, and C. Nounopoulos. The effects of endurance training on selected coronary risk factors in children. Acta Paediatr. 87:401-404, 1998.

Effect of Physical Training on Diabetes Mellitus
Mosher, P.E., M.S. Nash, A.C. Perry, and a.R. LaPerriere. Aerobic circuit exercise training: Effect on adolescents with well-controlled insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Arch. Phys. Med. Rehabil. 79:652-657, 1998.

Nutritional Status of Elite Adolescent Figure Skaters
Ziegler, P.J., C. San Khoo, P.M. Kris-Etherton, S.S. Jonnalagadda, B. Sherr, and J.A. Nelson. Nutritional status of nationally ranked junior figure skaters. J. Am. Diet. Assoc. 98:809-811, 1998.

Blood Pressure Responses to an Aerobic Exercise Program
Ewart, C.K., D.R. Young, and J.M. Hagberg. Effects of school-based aerobic exercise on blood pressure in adolescent girls at risk for hypertension. Am. J. Public Health. 88:949-951, 1998.

Pulmonary Function With Exercise Following Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Mitchell, S.H., and W.G. Teague. Reduced gas transfer at rest and during exercise in school-age survivors of bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 157:1406-1412, 1998.

Comparison of Recall and Accelerometer for Estimating Activity
McMuray, R.G., J.S. Harrell, C.B. Bradley, J.P. Webb, and E.M. Goodman. Comparison of a computerized physical activity recall with a triaxial motion sensor in middle-school youth. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 30:1238-1245, 1998.

Longterm Effects of Early Gymnastics Competition on Bone Density
Bass, S., G. Pearce, M. Bradney, E. Hendrich, P.D. Delmas, A. Harding, and E. Seeman. Exercise before puberty may confer residual benefits in bone density in adulthood: Studies in active prepubertal and retired female gymnasts. J. Bone. Miner. Res. 13:500-507, 1998.

Cardiac Findings in Young Swimmers
Obert, P., F. Stecken, D. Courteix, A-M Lecog, and P. Guenon. Effect of long-term intensive endurance training on left ventrical structure and diastolic function in prepubertal children.

Evolution of Physical Activity Beliefs and Behaviors
Garcia, A.W., N.J. Pender, C.L. Antonakos, and D.L. Ronis. Changes in physical activity beliefs and behaviors of boys and girls across the transition to junior high school. J. Adol. Health. 22:384-402, 1998.

Running Mechanics in Children
Schepens, B., P.A. Willems, and G.A. Cavagna. The mechanics of running in children. J. Physiol. 509:927-940, 1998.

Tracking of Health-Related Fitness
Marchall, S.J., J.A. Sarkin, J.F. Sallis, and T.K. McKenzie. Tracking of health-related fitness components in yoth ages 9 to 12. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 30:910-916, 1998.

Sexual Activity in Young Athletes
Miller, K.E., D.F. Sabo, M.P. Farrell, G.M. Barnes, and M.J. Meinick. Athletic participation and sexual behavior in adolescents: The different worlds of boys and girls. J. Health Social Behav. 39:108-123, 1998.

Cardiac Responses to Exercise in Runners
Rowland, T., D. Goff, B. Popowski, P. DeLuca, and L. Ferrone. Cardiac responses to exercise in child distance runners. Int. J. Sports Med. 19:385-390, 1998.

Effects of Gender and Maturity on Strength Training
Lillegard, W.A., E.W. Brown, D.J. Wilson, R. Henderson, and E. Lewis. Efficacy of strength training in prepubescent to eary postpubescent males and females: Effects of gender and maturity. Pediatr. Rebah. 1:147-157, 1997.

Effect of Climate on Heart Rate with Exercise
Hebestreit, H., and O. Bar-Or. Influence of climate on heart rate in children: Comparison between intermittent and continuous exercise. Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 78:712, 1998.

Perceived Exertion in Children and Adults
Mahon, A.D., J.A. Gay, and K.Q. Stolen, Differentiated ratings of perceived exertion at ventilatory threshold in children and adults. Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 18:115-120, 1998.

Determinants of Children's Physical Activity
DiLorenzo, T.M., R.C. Stucky-Ropp, J.S. Vander Wal, and H.J. Gotham. Determinants of exercise among cihldren. II. Longitudinal analysis. Prev. Med. 27:470-477, 1998.

Effects of Strength Training on Fitness and Energy Expenditure
Treuth, M.S., G.R. Hunter, C. Pichon, R. Figueroa-Colon, and M.I. Goran. Fitness and energy expenditure after strength training in obese prepubertal girls. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 30:1130-1136, 1998.

Determinants of Bone Mineral Density
Nordstrom, P., U. Pettersson, and R. Lorentzon. Type of physical activity, muscle strength, and pubertal stage as determinants of bone mineral density and bone area in adolescent boys. J. Bone Miner. Res. 13:1141-1148, 1998.

Anaerobic Fitness in Asthmatic Children
Boas, S.R., M.J. Danduran, and S.K. Saini. Anaerobic exercise testing in children with asthma. J. Asthma. 35:481-487, 1998.

Effect of Training on Serum Lipoproteins
Tolfrey, K. I.G. Campbell, and A.M. Batterham. Exercise training induced alterations in prepubertal children's lipid-lipoprotein profile. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 30:1684-1692, 1998.

Longitudinal Assessment of Scaling Factors for VO2
Janz, K.F., T.L. Bums, J.D. Witt, and L.T. Mahoney. Longitudinal analysis of scaling VO2 for differences in body size during puberty: The Muscatine Study. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 30:1436-1444, 1998.

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